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Submission Guidelines

Thank you for considering the Sport Social Work Journal (SSWJ) for your scholarly work. Please follow the guidelines laid out below when submitting your manuscript to SSWJ. To aid in the double-blind review process, please do not include any identifying information in the full manuscript. 

Manuscript files (Microsoft Word format only) should be submitted electronically via the SSW Portal. You can access the portal below.


Each submission must state the manuscript has not been simultaneously submitted for publication and/or published elsewhere. Manuscripts must conform to the current “Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.” Manuscripts must include an abstract of approximately 150-200 words and complete references.


Each manuscript must be typewritten, double-spaced throughout, use “Times New Roman” font (size 12), and utilize one inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides. Authors should include line numbers on their submission. Authors are responsible for receiving permission to reproduce copyrighted material before submitting their manuscript for publication.

To ensure anonymity, the name(s) of the authors(s) must be deleted from the manuscript's text and file properties. The submitting author must upload a separate file with a title page that includes author(s) names(s) and affiliations(s).


Our peer reviewers follow the Committee on Public Education (COPE) Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers. We also ask peer reviewers to ensure any identifying information is removed from their comments and feedback. If interested in serving as a peer reviewer please email

Maximum length for submissions is as follows:

Empirical based/qualitative research articles (including references): 35 pages

Practice Updates: 15 pages

Commentaries: 5-7 pages

Letters to the editor: 2-3 pages

Teaching Notes: 10-15 pages

Book Reviews: 3-5 pages

Full details about each submission type are available on the submission portal.

 Manuscripts submitted that correctly follow the submission guidelines are initially reviewed at the editorial level. Submissions found to be outside the scope of SSWJ, incomplete or incorrectly formatted, or not meeting standards of sufficient quality may be subject to desk rejection. Submissions meeting these criteria are reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers via blind review procedures. SSWJ strives to return submissions to authors within 60 days of submission. We aim for a 90-120 day turnaround from submission to publication.


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